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Tips For Longer iPhone Battery Life
Friday 8 December, 2017, by

Longer iPhone Battery Life

There is one thing the majority of iPhone users are constantly nagging about, it's the battery life of their iPhone. As great and useful as it is, there is just not enough battery life to compensate all the wonderful features the phone offers. This might be mainly due to the different apps or applications on your phone but there are ways to deal with this. Most people probably bring a charger every day or have it connected to your computer. This is what existing users have been accustomed to since they don't have any other alternatives. There are however relatively simple ways to extending your battery. If you want to make the most out of your phone, here some tips for longer iPhone battery life.

The first thing you can do is to adjust the brightness of your iPhone. You can do this by setting the auto-brightness on and manually reducing the brightness of the screen. Auto-brightness regulates the brightness of your screen automatically by focusing on the major features you make use of. So for features that are not used regularly, your iPhone will use less light on it. Manually setting the screen brightness is also a good tip since you don't need your phone at its brightest point to use it. The brighter it is the more battery it takes up. As long as you can see what you are doing, the brightness is not an issue.

Another tip is to turn off all the configurations that make use of a network, wireless connectivity, or the internet. This includes notifications, location services, Bluetooth, and most importantly E-mail. All of these features take a significant amount of your battery but some are not really needed. For instance, turning your Bluetooth on without needing to use it has some effects on your battery. Turn it off and back on only when you will need it. Notifications and location services are incorporated into some of the apps and you can manually monitor these through the settings. Review your apps and only get notifications from ones that are important. E-mail is considered the most important to monitor since it makes use of the internet. There is a setting where you can control when to fetch e-mails automatically and the recommendation is to turn it off and do this manually. This gives you the control on when to access the internet. This particular issue does not apply to Mac computers but if it does, consider getting a Mac repair.

All of the tips mentioned above will help you prolong the battery life your iPhone. You don't need to have an iPhone repair when encountering such problems. The amount of time it will last ultimately rests on how much you use your iPhone. Following the tips will certainly change the usage of your iPhone in a good way.

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