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Things to Keep in Mind to Ride a Bicycle
Friday 27 April, 2018, by

Things to Keep in Mind to Ride a Bicycle


How many times have you heard this statement and how many times have you told the same lines? This is the most common excuse when people don't like to exercise. Physically, a 20-minute ride in on a bicycle reduces about 200 calories. Not only it will reduce calories, but will also reduce pollution. You can be the one to start green and clean environment.

Having a bicycle is necessary in today's era. Either you yourself or it can be a gift for your son. It is good if one has chosen the bicycle as a means of exercise. Everyone knows about the advantages of riding a bicycle. Riding a bicycle to a nearby area will help you to get there faster, one can have a sound sleep, it boosts up one's energy, it beats illness, it avoids pollution, it burns more fat and many more advantages.

If there are advantages, there will be some disadvantages as well. Riding a bicycle during a rush hour traffic is not the similar as gentle riding around your neighbourhood or on a sunny spring day. The dangers may not just be financial but can even be physical. Driving a bicycle is difficult in hot summers, cold winters, gale - force wind, continuous rain.

From the above-listed points, one got to know about the advantages and disadvantages. Now let us have a look at the points what a bicycle shop dealer has. When you enter a bicycle shop the dealer not only charges the cost of the bicycle, but he includes the cost of a helmet, knee guard, shoes and outfit which are required for riding a bicycle. The bicycle dealer gives all the information one want to know before he/she purchases it. For example, the dealer may ask for who will ride the bicycle (is it you or is for someone else), where does one want to ride a bicycle on the road, mountain areas, desert area, for carriage purpose or racing.

After one has purchased a car the dealer gives all the information about how to ride a bicycle and protection measures. He also provides you with a pamphlet in which all the information about the sitting posture, precautionary measures like how to wear a helmet, knee guard etc. are mentioned. He also provides with complete dealership papers that is, the parts which can be replaced under warranty and many more.

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