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Giving Your Kitchen A Makeover Don't Forget About The Refrigerator
Thursday 15 February, 2018, by

Giving Your Kitchen A Makeover

A kitchen makeover is an exciting time for homeowners. A new kitchen design can completely change the look of the entire house. A kitchen makeover is also the time to revamp your appliances to match your redesign. More often than not, homeowners tend to ignore replacing a refrigerator during a kitchen makeover if the appliance is working fine. But not opting for a new refrigerator can cost you in terms of the effect you desire to achieve from a newly-designed kitchen.

Reasons To Choose A New Refrigerator During A Kitchen Redesign

If your current refrigerator doesn't match with your new kitchen design; it is a good idea to replace it with a machine that works better for the new space. If your new kitchen is dressed in stainless steel, a refrigerator in an old white design will look out-of-place and completely take away from the refurbished space's purpose.

If you have high-tech gadgets in the kitchen such as a touch-and-swipe cooker, an oven with French doors or other innovative appliances; an old refrigerator can look like a machine from a different era.

Replacing a refrigerator is not only about having shiny and modern appliances in the kitchen. If your kitchen is designed in a vintage style or has a retro feel to it; a new refrigerator in black stainless steel is not the perfect choice for it. In such cases, you may want to use a refrigerator in a retro design as well. Many companies now make vintage-style refrigerators available using new technology. So, you can get the look and feel to suit your vintage kitchen and still enjoy new refrigeration technology.

If you have wanted to go for specialized refrigeration for some time; a kitchen redesign is a perfect time to opt for it. Many companies now make refrigerators with specific storage solutions for the modern lifestyle. You can have separate zones for storing boxed pizzas or to thaw your frozen meat products.

If your kitchen redesign allows you the space for a bigger refrigerator, you need to ditch your old appliance in favour of a new one. Even if your existing refrigeration option is fine; upgrading your kitchen with a new appliance is perfect for a redesign.

Tips To Buying A New Refrigerator

A new refrigerator may not suit the budget for your kitchen redesign. Or perhaps, you are not sure how to match your refrigerator with your new kitchen.

Here are some tips to help you.

If your kitchen redesign budget is very limited and doesn't include a new refrigerator; you can opt for refurbished models available at many stores. Many companies that deal in the sale of appliances offer refurbished models at great prices. Refurbished machines are used appliances that are made new and ready for use.

You can also opt for brand new appliances available at a discount due to minor problems such as scratches during transportation or storage. These scratches are hardly noticeable and you can easily buy stainless steel or a new advanced model of the refrigerator at a discounted a price.

In terms of design, you don't need to match the appliances exactly with the kitchen decor to make it work. For example, if you have black kitchen counter tops, splashbacks and cabinets, you can opt for a refrigerator in black stainless steel, shiny steel, or any model in grey or even a contrasting white.

You don't need to necessarily opt for high-end models of the refrigerator or other appliances for a new kitchen. If you can match the look of an appliance to match with your newly-refurbished kitchen; you don't need to necessarily spend money for features that you don't need. Any simple refrigerator from a good brand can work really well.

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