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5 Points to Check Before Buying a Used iPhone
Friday 4 August, 2017, by

5 Points to Check Before Buying a Used iPhone

The iPhone is a coveted piece of machinery that everybody wants to get their hands on. But the price of the new phone deters many from buying it. An alternative that works for some is to buy a used iPhone, you get the phone for much less! But are you certain that the phone is genuine?

Here's how you can find out:

Scour social media for sellers. Your Facebook or Twitter feed will sometimes have a contact announcing that they want to sell their iPhone. You can go ahead with the purchase if it's somebody you know. Set up a meeting with the seller, examine the phone's condition and look at the paperwork related to it. If the seller does not have the original bill, don't buy it even if the price is really good.

Verify that the body is genuine. The great thing about Apple is that it equips its devices with simple hacks. It is possible to find out if the used iPhone you want to buy is an original device. It may have the original battery, but its body might have been changed if the phone was damaged in some way. Check the IMEI number on both the body and the software to see if they match. If they don't, it means the body was changed. At this point, you can either back out from the purchase or cut the price further.

Check the purchase date. Some sellers might try to palm off a much older iPhone and tell you that they bought it only a year ago. There are easy ways to confirm the iPhone's purchase date. Go to the Apple warranty page and enter the phone's serial number. There are two pages within this page. If you make it to Page 2, it means that the serial number matches and that the phone is not hot listed as stolen. On Page 2, you can find the purchase date and whether the warranty is void, for the serial number you entered.

Check if the phone is not stolen. iPhones are stolen by the bucket loads all over the world. You can get into big trouble for possession of a phone reported stolen, so make sure the phone you are about to buy is above board. Check the phone IMEI.

Check if all data is erased. The seller must delink their Apple ID from the phone before selling it. if they haven't done it, you cannot use the phone till the unlinking happens. Go to General > Reset > Erase all content to wipe out the previous owner's data. You can now personalise the phone.

If you have doubts about the phone you are buying, you can consider buying it from an authorised Apple reseller in the United Kingdom. They can check the device and advise you on software upgrades and customisation.

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